Cereal Killers

This is a great project in which all of your favourite breakfast cereals are re-imagined for the monster crowd. Created Kreepsvill Industries, it features the artwork of a huge selection of artists from multiple fields and disciplines.

I'm a huge fan of the sugary morning treats, despite not being much of a morning person. I really like the style represented in this project. But I'm disappointed it seems that the blog has stopped cataloging them all back in 2008. I can find no sign of the physical printed book anywhere online.

Nonetheless, I suggest going through the archives and admiring each and every one of them. And try not to actually want most of these to be in your pantry. 

Find the project here: Cereal Killers by Kreepsville Industries 

Just like a doll's eyes…

I had a thought:

We need a collapsable, easily stored appliance that fits over the hood of the average car. The appliance would be rows of baby doll heads, arms, and legs. Just littered with creepy doll parts, like a skin of nightmares.

Whenever you park the car in a sketchy neighbourhood, you simply attach the hood cover on your car and leave.

No one would want to steal the doll car. No one.

"Nice car but it's covered in dolls. I don't want to know who drives it or what they do inside it. Just move on, man."

Patent Pending. 

First Post!~


So I haven't done much with this URL since I bought it a long while ago. Now that I have a system setup to actually post and add things here, that can change.

But, expect mainly cat pictures and complaints about Hipsters. That's all that really goes on in my life, really. 

I'm writing this on a sick-day from work so don't judge this as the shining example of things to come. This is merely a placeholder before the really good stuff comes along. Any time now. Just once my brain lets loose the torrent of brilliance and wit that I'm certain will be there. 

Just wait. It'll get better. I assure you. And so does my cat.